Admiral Contact

The Admiral Group is one of the largest insurance companies in the United Kingdom today. The company focuses on motor insurance, and their headquarters can be located in the city of Cardiff, Wales. The company is publicly traded through the London Stock Exchange, and it is also an FTSE 100 Index constituent.

The company is classified as a public limited company, and its ticker symbol is ADM. The Admiral Group was founded in 1991, and the current chairman is Annette Court, while the chief executive officer is David Stevens. Based on the most recent statistics provided by the company, last year, they were able to generate £1.2 billion revenue, with an operating income of around £487.5 million and a net income of £390.5 million. People who wanted to work with the company can visit one of their physical offices scattered across the United Kingdom, and alternatively, they can also be reached through their website at Other forms of contact are possible, and Admiral phone is listed on their website and it can be dialed during office hours to inquire about their products and services. People who have been working with the Admiral Group are satisfied with the services that they received, and the company stated that customer experience is an important factor for them to consider.

The Admiral Group has about 30 years of experience working in the financial and insurance sector. Its history can be traced back in the early 1990s, when one of the managing agents who is working for the Lloyd’s of London chose Henry Engelhardt to lead a proposed business plan. The company was established in 1991, and Henry Engelhardt served as the first chief executive officer. After eight years, they were able to buy out the company from the Brockbank Group. By 2004, the company was listed at the London Stock Exchange, and public trading was encouraged. The company sold their stocks at only 275 pence, and as more investors developed an interest with the company, the value of each share grew.

The Admiral Group experienced a lot of changes under the leadership of Henry Engelhardt, but he had to step down in 2015 because the wanted to retire. He was replaced by David Stevens, who took the position in 2016. David Stevens was the former COO of the company, and he stated that he will continue the legacy of the former CEO and he will lead the company to new heights.

Under the leadership of David Stevens, the Admiral Group’s services and operations diversified. They formed new brands and attracted a lot of investors to work for the company. It includes Admiral Insurance, Gladiator (providing insurance for commercial vehicles), Diamond Insurance, and other brands that are also used abroad. The company is also operating in Italy, Spain, France, and the United States under different brand names. The company stated that the products and services that they offer would help a lot of people from the United Kingdom who are still unsure of what type of insurance they would like to buy. They have trained professionals who are willing to enlighten their customers about the right insurance policies for them.