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Argos is a British retailer of numerous products such as electronics, furniture, clothing, toys, and jewelry to just mention a few. They have both an online presence as well as traditional brick and mortar stores. Founded in 1973, Argos offers its products to consumers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Its headquarters is located at 489-499 Avebury Boulevard Saxon Gate West Central Milton Keynes MK9 2NW. Argos phone number is +44 (0)345 640 2020 or +44 (0)345 640 3030.

As previously mentioned, Argos was founded in 1973. Its founder, Richard Tompkins also founded the well-known Green Shield Stamps company. Prior to the founding of these two companies, Richard Tompkins served as an engineering draughtsman during the Second World War. Today, Argos employs more than 30,000 employees with over 800 retail stores across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Offering more than 60,000 products, Argos serves over 1 Billion customers.

Today we take a look at an article dated February 21st of 2019. Argos, who offers and provides a vast range of consumer products including mobile phones, gives its customers early access to the recently launched, Samsung S10. The article begins by saying that, “a limited number of customers” who pre-ordered the Samsung S10 and of whom are chosen to be part of the special service, will receive their device at “exactly one-minute past midnight on the day of the phone’s launch – Friday 8 March 2019.” This door-to-door service will be provided by the “Argos Fast Track team”. The article goes on to say that Samsung devices are always popular among its consumers, specifically their flagship phones.

One of Argos’ main goals is to provide goods and services to its consumers through a quick delivery service, anytime and anywhere. The article mentions a “four-hour” delivery window. The article continues to detail the Fast Track delivery service as well as additional information about the highly anticipated Samsung S10.

In another article dated March 11th of 2019, Argos launches an enhancement for its mobile app users. Argos’ app (both for Android and IOS devices) was updated to include a “visual” way of shopping. For now, this enhancement is only available on IOS devices. The article describes it as, “a new visual search service” that allows consumers to “shop for homewares and furniture using images” on their mobile smartphones. Further, the article explains in detail on how this new function works.

The article states that a smartphone user takes a picture or uploads an image to the app. The app then searches “the entire Argos online catalogue” to find similar items by recognizing the “shape, color, and style” of the object pictured by the user.

The article states that Argos wanted to give their consumers a new way of shopping, a new experience. Along with the “augmented reality” feature in Argos’ app, this new enhancement will give users a more interactive way of shopping, digitally.