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Barclays PLC is one of the most established multinational banks and they are a multinational presence and they offer financial services, as well. Barclays PLC is currently headquartered in London. Barclays is focused on four main thrusts in business: personal banking, corporate banking, investment management, and wealth management. They are currently under the leadership of Jes Staley for about four years now. Their recorded revenue as of 2018 is about 21.14 billion GBP.

Corporate banking in Barclays is a relationship-based banking that is supported with industry expertise and an extensive history of innovation. Barclays only employs industry experts that are dependable and reliable, for your security and convenience. Barclays’ Industry Experts can open up new networking opportunities for you, can provide insight and provide banking solutions to support your businesses. There are different kinds of industry experts that can help cater to your different needs like experts in business services, public sector, retail and wholesale, technology, media and telecoms –  all of the industry experts in these different facets will provide solutions, support and insights on your business or concerns that will help you solidify your financial footing.

Barclays is a company that is extremely adaptive and updated with the times – it is very important for a company to be updated with the latest trends, research and analysis. Barclays can provide you with the latest news on the financial world and the behavior of the market, along with their analysis on the market so that you can be able to adjust your portfolio accordingly.

In this fast paced and constantly developing world, it is important for us to keep up with the innovations that are happening all around us. If you are looking for someone who can explain to you all the technological innovations and developments for business and help you understand this and get you informed on how you can utilize this for your own business, then Barclays is the company for you. Innovation insights is very important for staying ahead of your competition which is critical for your business’ success. Barclays employs the best experts to identify new innovations and analyze them to figure out how it will affect the market and how it can be utilized to further propel a business forward.

Fraudsters, or people who commit fraud work as hard, or even harder than you – which is why it is very important to protect ourselves and always make sure that we are always three steps ahead of them. Barclays can help you decipher different kinds of frauds that will be dangerous to your business if you are not aware of their modes of fraud, the most common kinds are: Cyber Fraud, CEO Impersonation, Phishing, Vishing, Smishing, and Invoice Fraud. Barclays will help you and your company to be protected against Cyber Fraud as well.

For any concern or inquiries, you may contact Barclays PLC through the Barclays telephone number: 00 44 24 7684 2100, or you may e-mail them or visit their website for their frequently asked questions. You may use their browse by topic feature or their search bar to find the answers you are looking for.