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DHL – Today, Tomorrow, In The Future

DHL is a global leader in transport and logistics, well-known for its diverse services in more than 220 countries. Since DHL services include everything from express transport of documents to the management of the entire supply chain, using the door-to-door principle – a modern information system is necessary for the successful operation of this company.

DHL Express operates worldwide and has a highly developed modern information system which is the basic infrastructure of all processes in the company. In fact, in large part, the efficient and successful operation of this company rests on the excellent functioning of the information system.

System Subordinate To Users

The DHL information system has been designed and implemented to support all work processes in the company and the most important – it is subordinate to user’s service.

All parts of the process are covered, such as a request for transport service, scheduling couriers, entering data into the system through the manual terminal, monitoring the flow of delivery, delivery of the shipment, etc. The information system is also used to improve certain working procedures. For example, the clearance process is facilitated because DHL sends customs clearance information electronically to the Customs Administration.

The DHL information system is centralized, and all parts of DHL use the same system located in 3 global “Data Center”. All data reaches center via private and protected lines where they are processed, stored and where the users take them, depending on their authority.

All modernized project and technical solutions have been applied. Databases are web-oriented and use three-layer architecture. Server virtualization technology makes it possible to use hardware resources more rationally. Once entered, business partner data is also used when providing the next service so that the process is accelerated, and the costs are reduced.

Most of the communication with business partners is done over the Internet. The DHL website contains the following pages: “Service overview”, “Schedule courier”, “How to fill out the bill of lading”, “tracking”, etc.

Other User Benefits

DHL has always been advisable to its customers. Anything from the services, and business inquiries to questions about DHL, you can find out by calling the DHL phone number that is posted on the company’s website.

Customers are also enabled to track their shipments via DHL e-mail, DHL SMS and DHL WAP. Through the website, business partners can choose how to send a parcel, make a purchase order, quickly prepare the bill of lading and customs documents, get fresh reports on the transfer process and customs information, track their shipment, receive reports on the arrival of the shipment, etc.

DHL Information System

The Information System Service has been trained to efficiently use the company’s information system, but it also has special tasks in maintaining the network, developing and applying the application for the financial service, etc. The entire business space of DHL is under the LAN and all work processes in DHL are computerized. DHL’s management uses the business decision-making information system on a daily basis, but it constantly has new information requirements. Data is obtained from a central server where for the purposes of management there are also applications from the business intelligence category.

The display of the organization of the DHL information system would not be complete without mentioning that this company was certified with the quality system standards. Thanks to the efficient organization of work, which is fully supported by the advanced information system, DHL successfully and economically operates and enables customers to quickly and safely transport shipments.