Fedex Contact

Fedex is one of the world’s leading delivery services. They deliver millions of packages every single day, making them a prime carrier of choice for many companies. Fedex is relatively easy to get in touch with and it is important to note their telephone number and other contact information if this is something that you need to do. You might need to get in touch with Fedex if you have problems with receiving or delivering a package. Fedex has excellent customer service and will be able to get back to you quickly in order to resolve the issue at your own convenience.

The Fedex telephone number that you may need to contact is (800) 463-3339. This number is the main telephone line to reach their customer service reps. Before contacting them, it is a good idea to have your tracking ID and name ready so that they are able to better assist you. Keep in mind that there may be a slight wait time while on the phone being connected to a customer service representative. Fedex will do their very best to help locate packages that you have lost track of as well as to answer any other questions or inquiries that you might have at the time of calling.

When it comes to Fedex contact, you may also want to get in touch with them either by email or live chat. Their live chat feature can be found directly on their site and enables you to get connected immediately to a customer service rep in order to get help for a problem that you might be facing. The customer service rep on live chat will also need some basic information regarding the problem, such as your name and tracking ID. They can then help to identify packages and better help your situation to resolve an issue.

Getting in touch with Fedex through email is another way to resolve a problem that you’re facing. Emails are typically answered quickly, but you should give roughly one to two business days to hear back from a customer service representative. This gives them time to look up your order and to better assist you. If you would rather a quicker reply, it is important that you either contact them using their telephone number or you go onto their live chat feature through their main website. It is important to only use their main website to correspond with an agent because you will probably be sharing personal information regarding packages.

You will find that Fedex has fantastic customer support and is willing to go above and beyond what people expect out of them. If you need to get in touch with them, remember that their telephone number is (800) 463-3339 and that they can be contacted during normal business hours throughout the week. Have some identifying information available before you call so that you are able to get help more smoothly and quickly. They will assist you in the best way possible for your own needs.