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Virgin Media Launches Smart Wifi With Connect App

Just recently, Virgin Media introduced the latest updates to its WiFi customers to enhance the reception of the broadband in residences. The latest enhancements, called Intelligent WiFi are now available to Hub 3 customers and made available through cloud-based technology. This latest update utilizes the latest innovations in home broadband connectivity to enhance the overall customer experience with Virgin Media service.

Intelligent WiFi Features

According to Virgin Media, the speed of their Intelligent WiFi has been enhanced by up to three times without the help of any booster. The new Connect app serves as the core control panel for the improved WiFi. Another interesting feature of the Intelligent WiFi is the alternative to add a booster to the customer’s home broadband.

This is available for just £3 per month for non-VIP members and free to Full House or VIP customers. Users simply plug the booster into the wall socket, and it will automatically activate. Virgin Media believes that this booster will eliminate any black spots at home once it is installed.

Executive Director of Connectivity Richard Sinclair MBE of Virgin Media shared that the company would like to deliver ultrafast broadband to aid faster communications. He added that they would like to ensure that the latest updates will make in-home connectivity more reliable. The executive said that Intelligent WiFi will benefit their customers while helping them solve connectivity issues at home.

Intelligent WiFi also features Channel Optimization. This will make sure that gadgets, smartphones, and other mobile devices connected to the system will have optimum performance. Additionally, it has Band Steering that triggers the gadgets and other connected devices to easily switch from 5GHz or 2.4GHz frequency to maximize their performance. Because of band steering, there is a 25 percent increase in the number of devices shifting to 5GHz frequency.

Connect App Features

These features can be easily controlled by users who have the latest Connect app. Aside from those; the app offers tools to test the strength of the WiFi from any location inside the house. This way, black spots can be identified and resolved. This is very helpful especially for those living in densely populated locations where numerous routers can affect each other’s speed performance.

Connect app also enables users to pause devices connected to it. There is an option that allows users to pause the web on devices. This could be very useful especially for parents who would like to monitor or control their kids from accessing websites that they should not or prohibited from visiting.

Another interesting feature that Connect app offers is the WiFi Password Sharing. This feature allows users to instantly share the password of the WiFi to friends and family through QR code. Aside from enabling faster access to the web, this also helps users avoid forgetting about their password or looking at the back of the router for the code.

According to Virgin Media, the latest features are added to improve the overall experience of the customers and to end that age-old issue of moving the router to find the connectivity’s password. Doing so could loosen the connections and the wires in the router that could affect its overall performance as well as its speed. Contact them through their Virgin Media contact number.